Ready-to-eat quality

Excellent flavour and quick, problem-free preparation need not be a contradiction. Frozen ready meals from GETI WILBA taste as if freshly prepared, because traditional cooking is the decisive factor in our production. We produce

As well as the "GETI WILBA" brand, we primarily produce for the home delivery service, for food service as well as the food retail trade and discounters, who have chosen us as partners for their own market presence (private label). They are happy to make use of the expertise and creativity of GETI WILBA developers, allowing us to work together with our customers to constantly create new products.

The outstanding quality of our ready meals is regularly confirmed by official bodies. For many years, GETI WILBA products have won numerous medals and other awards in the quality competition of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, German Agricultural Society).