More than 50 years of experience

Since the founding of the poultry abattoir in Heeslingen, Lower Saxony, in 1952, laying hens have been processed at GETI WILBA. As market leader in Europe for hen meat, we have our own slaughter and processing facilities and our own logistics for purchasing live hens. This means that we cover the entire value creation chain, starting with the living animal and ending with the finished product ready for use.

Raw or cooked hen meat, hen stock or convenience products such as fried strips of hen breast – at GETI WILBA, we have everything under one roof, and all of it in excellent quality. Customers from the restaurant or bulk consumer sectors esteem this quality, as do industrial bulk customers. Which is why many tinned foods, frozen ready meals, delicatessen products and baby foods from well-known companies contain processed hen meat from GETI WILBA.

Along with product quality, our customers particularly esteem our high degree of flexibility where the quick fulfilment of special requirements or customised new developments are concerned.