Always exactly right.

Our top quality roasts with sauce are always a success! Because there is a pop-up timer (single use meat thermometer) to show the optimum cooked status, independently of the performance of the oven. Making it so easy to indulge yourself!

Preparation is very simple: Just put the roast together with its tray into the oven. Towards the end of the cooking time given on the package, check the pop-up timer in the roast. Once the coloured button pops out, the meat has reached its optimum cooking status. This means your roast will always be juicy and perfectly cooked.

The following roasts contain a pop-up timer:

Venison roast with lingonberry and cranberry sauce
Venison roast on a bed of forest mushrooms and herbs
Lamb roast with tomato and basil sauce
Veal roast with cep and wild garlic sauce