Raw and marinated meat

Game is a valuable natural food.

It is natural, easy to digest and an excellent solution to the quest for health-conscious nutrition.

Game lives in natural surroundings, has plenty of movement and feeds on grass and plants – this natural way of life has a very positive effect on the quality of the meat.

At GETI WILBA, the following venison (roe and red deer) and wild boar products are available:

• Goulash
• Roasts
• Rolled roasts
• Steaks/Medallions
• Leg, shoulder and back cuts

Lamb products are also available. Get in touch with us!

Venison from New Zealand has a balanced, mild game flavour.

The meat of European roe deer is naturally delicate and mildly aromatic in taste.

The meat of wild boar from the USA has an intensely savoury flavour.