About us!

We at GETI WILBA are a food company with headquarters in Bremervörde.
For more than 70 years, we have been proud to be a reliable partner for our customers in the processing industry and food service.

Our team of around 450 employees has a wide range of cultures which makes us strong and diverse.
We are specialized in hen meat and alternative proteins.

With our expertise along the entire value chain, we guarantee quality, transparency, innovation and the responsible use of resources.

In short, we stand for:


We are convinced hen whisperers

At GETI WILBA, our core business centres around chickens - or more precisely, laying hens. And it has been for a long time! We have been developing and selling hen-related products - including organic products - to our partners in industry and the food service sector throughout Europe for more than 70 years.

The well-being of our hens is a matter very close to our hearts. That is why we maintain close contact with the farmers and accompany the hens throughout their entire journey. From transport, with our custom-built trucks, to our own abattoir, to our own cutting and further processing. We are supported by our veterinary surgeons.

We don't want to boast, but having such a deep value chain in the processing of hens is unique and makes us proud! This allows us to guarantee you a high level of quality control and transparency and also enables us to use resources efficiently and sustainably.

From farm to fork

We work closely with farmers where the hens live during the egg-laying period.
Our drivers, who are specially trained in transporting live animals, collect the hens from the farms in their own vehicles.
Our animal welfare hall is darkened and temperatur-controlled so that our hens have a calm and stress-free atmosphere.
We have an own abattoir for laying hens in Germany and one in Austria.
At our production plant in Germany, we produce various hen meat products.

You want to know how we produce our hen meat? Click here!

We also interact with plants

Our years of experience in the production of animal proteins and our curiosity for alternative proteins have inspired us to expand our product range to include vegan plant-based proteins.

Protein-rich peas and faba beans form the basis of our products.

Vegan. Natural. Free From. 

What sets our vegan products apart from many others? When developing our plant-based products, we prioritise transparency and naturalness. It is essential to us to create vegan products for you with flavour, texture and bite, but without using artificial additives.

That's why you get plant-based products from us without any "frills" - also available in organic quality on request.

Also available in organic

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You can expect delicious frozen products from our range, convenience meals, frozen baked goods, pizza, ice cream and much more.

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