"Culinary Ambassador for Lower Saxony 2015"

Venison roast in lingonberry and cranberry sauce impresses across the board

Once again, Prime Minister Stephan Weil presented awards to the best foods from the regions of Lower Saxony. These now include GETI WILBA's "Venison roast in lingonberry and cranberry sauce".

On Monday 8th June 2015, Prime Minister Weil (on the right in the picture) was in Hanover to hand out the certificates awarding the "Culinary Ambassador for Lower Saxony 2015“ for GETI WILBA's venison roast in lingonberry and cranberry sauce to Malte Benesch, Director of Marketing and Sales at GETI WILBA (centre).

Venison roast in lingonberry and cranberry sauce is one of the latest gourmet meat-based convenience innovations developed by GETI WILBA, taking into account consumer requirements and responding to current trends such as shrinking household sizes, decreasing cookery skills and a rising demand for quality, particularly for meat. Simple and secure preparation in the oven is assured by the innovative pop-up timer which displays the optimum cooked status. The jury particularly praised the excellent meat quality and consistency, together with the balanced seasoning and visual attractiveness of the sauce.

Prime Minister Weil gave awards to a total of 43 outstanding foods by 36 manufacturers. Once again, the list confirms that there is an amazing culinary variety and excellent quality to be found in the region between the Ems and the Elbe, the Harz mountains and the North Sea. "In all the regions, we find that there are creative producers and first-class foods," the Prime Minister said on the subject of the awards. In 2015, 95 producers from Lower Saxony entered 165 foods for this industry competition. An independent jury of top chefs, sensory assessors, delicatessen experts and product developers tested and assessed the foods submitted. "There are almost no other occasions where the wealth of ideas, creativity and strength of innovation of the food trade can be experienced so directly," said Dr Christian Schmidt, managing director of the marketing company, on the subject of the 2015 competition.

Today, the label of "Culinary Ambassador for Lower Saxony" has become a sign of excellence for shoppers in the food retail trade as well.

Around 160 guests from the political world and the food trade took part in the award ceremony in Hanover. There was a chance to taste the excellent products while taking a stroll through the "Market Place of Culinary Ambassadors". Prime Minister Stephan Weil also did not miss out on the opportunity and visited numerous producers, including us, to taste a sample and have a brief chat.

Further information and photographs can be found on the web: www.kulinarische-botschafter-niedersachsen.de

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