Venison roast with lingonberry and cranberry sauce

Juicy and tender venison roast with a delicious lingonberry and cranberry sauce. Always a success, thanks to the pop-up timer!

Lamb roast with tomato and basil sauce

Juicy, tender leg of lamb roast with a savoury tomato and basil sauce. Always a success, thanks to the pop-up timer!

The freezer specialist

We see ourselves as a specialist business dealing with the outstanding. Our expertise is in processed meat products, in particular game and hen, as well as frozen meals. Our tradition in quality meat processing goes back to the 1950s. In the early 1970s we added the production of ready meals. For decades we have been an innovative and reliable partner for industry, food service, home services and the food retail trade.

GETI WILBA – Our strength lies in the outstanding.

Our expertise

Ready meals

Excellent flavour and quick, problem-free preparation need not be a contradiction. Our frozen ready meals taste as if freshly prepared, because traditional cooking is the decisive factor in our production. We produce ready meals and game ready meals as cook-in-the-bag dishes, along with meals in trays or bowls and pan-fried meals (IQF).

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Hen processing

We at GETI WILBA have been processing soup hens (laying hens) since the founding of the poultry abattoir in Heeslingen, Lower Saxony, in 1952. We keep everything under one roof and all of it is of the best quality. Food service and restaurants value this just as much as large industrial customers.

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Game processing

At GETI WILBA, our tradition of game processing goes back to 1963. We offer our game products to food service as well as industrial customers, but also as convenience products for the food retail trade.

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